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Experienced stockbroker Peter Brandt, known for predicting the historical 2018 collapse of Bitcoin in cryptocurrency circles, stated that he has sold almost his entire portfolio in the last 2 days and has switched to dollars. Brandt, CEO of Factor LLC, said he moved to the US dollar, withdrawing from stocks, the foreign exchange market and BTC, which make up most of his portfolio.

Asked by Twitter, “The money is not in oil, dollars, gold, bitcoin or S&P. Red all around. Where did this money go? Very difficult to follow, ”Brandt answered as follows:

“You need to be clear about what you’re saying. I’m not sure I fully understand, but I can personally say that I have quit almost my entire portfolio. In the last two days, I switched to dollars selling stocks, forex and BTC ”

Brandt’s logic on this issue is clear. He thinks that the bubble in the US markets is now in its final stage before the explosion.

“Decide on your war with the FED on your own terms. This is what I can say about the US markets. Selling too early can ruin you. The market is in the final stages of the 12-year bull period. Balloons can inflate more than people think. Then it explodes tragically. Big profit can be made in the last swelling ”

The US dollar index has recovered slightly this week after five months. Gold and Bitcoin responded negatively to this rise in the dollar. Bitcoin is being traded at $ 10,500 at the time the news is written.

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