famous stockbroker: “Bitcoin is almost on fire”


Pete Najarian, co-founder of Market Rebellion, said that he got on the Bitcoin train too late and continued: “But the train is going very fast too. … This universe will grow even more in the coming period.”

CNBC commentator and co-founder of Market Rebellion Pete Najarian said he was late to buy Bitcoin, but the biggest cryptocurrency will continue to outperform other markets, and the uptrend will follow.

Answering the questions of presenter Melissa Lee in the program on CNBC, Najarian said that Bitcoin has almost caught fire and that with the investments of corporate companies, people are now starting to fearlessly switch to the biggest crypto money:

“I think people are more comfortable with Bitcoin now than they were a few years ago. With each passing year, people are starting to feel more confident about Bitcoin. Obviously, people like Jamie Dimon (CEO of JP Morgan) used to be biased, but now they’re also getting involved. I think this universe will grow even bigger in the upcoming period. My brother Jon has been buying Bitcoin for the past few years. I also started taking it, albeit slowly. I think we will all adapt slowly. We will adopt it slowly, not at once.

Najarian also touches on Bitcoin’s performance in 2020 and underlines that the largest cryptocurrency has both surpassed gold and doubled the stock market in recent weeks:

“Some of us probably got on this train too late and slowly. I’m in that group too. But the train started to go very fast too. Yes, I know BTC is a volatile asset but it definitely went up parabolically against the markets. We cannot ignore this. ”

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Jon, a brother and partner of Pete’s, switched to Bitcoin much earlier and said he kept 5-10 percent of his portfolio in digital assets.


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