Famous Statistician: This Cryptocurrency Is A Perfect Sucker Game!


The “Black Swan” author surprised everyone by using the phrase “a perfect sucker game” for the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Prominent statistician Nassim Nicholas Taleb has once again smashed Bitcoin (BTC), dissatisfied with the recent poor performance of the number one cryptocurrency.

Strong criticism for the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of “Black Swan”, has once again attacked Bitcoin (BTC), claiming that the number one cryptocurrency can’t protect against anything. He described it as a “perfect sucker’s game” in low-interest times. Taleb, who was once a fan of the original cryptocurrency, made a complete U-turn last February and declared the leading cryptocurrency a failure. On February 12, the famous mathematician announced that he has started selling his Bitcoin, criticizing the volatility of the flagship cryptocurrency. In addition, along with the author of “Bitcoin Standard” Saifedean Ammous, he claimed that BTC will not be a viable means of payment after the drop.

The author of several popular finance books has clashed with notorious crypto-assets fan personalities by sarcastically joking that Bitcoin enthusiast Dan Held has, among other things, a “single-celled” brain. Taleb hasn’t softened his stance on Bitcoin after angering the cryptocurrency community with his hurtful comments. Last June, he published an article called “Bitcoin, Currencies and Bubbles” in which he presented the bearish status for the largest cryptocurrency. Although the former options trader has praised the crypto king for not being controlled by any government in the past, he revised his views. In July, he tweeted that the world’s largest cryptocurrency is “a magnet for imbeciles.”

In December, he said that Bitcoin was a “bulky” and “old” product of low interest rates and predicted it would collapse due to high inflation. Last month, Taleb described Bitcoin as a contagious disease. However, the famous statistician is not bullish on Bitcoin as he believes it would be “unreasonable” to shorten Bitcoin.