Famous singer Akon to support Bitcoin billionaire


The world-famous singer Akon became the chief strategist of Bitcoin billionaire Brock Pierce, who announced his candidacy for the American presidency.

Especially, Akon, which shook the music markets in the early 2000s, became the chief strategist of crypto money investor Brock Pierce, who independently announced his candidacy in the US presidential elections. Akon is also known for crypto money investments.

Pierce, who is the chairman of the board of the nonprofit Bitcoin Foundation and succeeded in making Forbes’ first list of “richest cryptocurrency investors” in 2018, announced his independent candidacy for the presidential election in July.

According to reports in the American media, Akon will be Pierce’s chief strategist in the election campaign. On the subject, the famous singer said, “I have always seen Brock Pierce as a showman, but he is truly a man of the people. It does not work in political parties. “We are working together to pursue our dream of making America a good country for everyone, without putting it on a certain path.”

Has its own cryptocurrency and city

As it is known, Akon announced the plan to build a crypto-themed city called Akon City in Senegal and even released its own crypto currency Akoin after investing in the sector for many years. It is expected that Akon City will have a hospital, university, roads and schools in which a total infrastructure expenditure of 6 billion dollars is planned.

In his official announcement of his presidential nomination, Pierce said, “Entrepreneurs are the cornerstones in rebuilding a nation. “I am entering this race because we can build the roads that will lead us to the rebirth of America.”

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Brittany Kaiser, director of the Pierce 2020 campaign, is also a familiar face to the crowd. Kaiser is known as the informant to Cambridge Analytica in 2016, which announced Facebook’s assistance with Trump’s campaign.

For Pierce and his campaign in the Kaiser presidential race, “It is truly inspiring and breathtaking for all of us to support the campaign of someone who has devoted his life to understanding technology. “It has a serious vision of how to create a more inclusive political environment as well as use and develop the systems more effectively, and this is not in the other two big parties.”

Speaking about Akon’s participation in his campaign, Pierce commented:

“Besides being a well-known artist, Akon is also a good businessman and philanthropist. Since I started my life as an artist, I am very interested in culture and art. Without them, we will perish. Akon’s willingness to participate in the civil service they have accomplished in Africa, their determination to work for the public good is very valuable for our platform, the USA and even the world.


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