Famous rapper calls 10 million followers to cryptocurrency


While the increase of Bitcoin to the level of 40 thousand dollars has caused more and more talk every day, the US rapper Meek Mill, known for his love for cryptocurrencies, also advised his audience of more than 10 million on Twitter to learn about the crypto money market as soon as possible.

In the message he wrote on Twitter, the famous rapper used the following statements:

“Everyone who follows me, who is with me, as soon as possible !! I recommend them to learn about stocks and especially the cryptocurrency markets. I don’t know how much money I have, but all I know is that I bought these. I can’t stop myself from buying ”

Mill had previously tweeted about both cryptocurrencies and many stocks, especially Tesla. Especially after the crypto money tweet, many Bitcoin and digital money people also gave answers with mentions to the famous rapper. Kraken manager Dan Held was one of them. “Bitcoin is different from other cryptocurrencies. I would like to tell you the basis ”wrote the reply.

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