Famous Publisher’s Ninja’s Twitter Account Captured


Famous broadcaster and pro actress Tyler “Ninja” Blevins came to the fore this time with the capture of his Twitter account. Users who took Tyler’s account managed to take back the Ninja account even though they were annoying other players, and then posted a video that made fun of the hackers.

Today, many social media accounts, from very large organizations to the names we all know, have been taken over by hackers. As a final example, another name joined us. Yesterday, the Twitter account of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, whom we all know, was taken over.

The person (s) who took over the famous publisher Ninja’s account started using Ninja’s account for their own benefit. Hackers advertised their other accounts and shared tweets for other familiar publishers. However, tweets shared by hackers were not pleasant tweets at all.

Tweets for other publishers were thrown from Ninja’s account:
Hackers invited Turner “Tfue” Tenney from Ninja’s account to fight, Daniel “KEEMSTAR” made fun of Keem’s look. But fortunately, the professional player Ninja managed to get his Twitter account back to his own hands. Ninja also shared a video that he made fun of with hackers on his Twitter account.

Ninja justified the people who took over his account in the 27-second video he shared. In the video, the famous publisher conveyed his absurd movements in a fun language, such as hackers on Twitter throwing irrelevant tweets, sharing some accounts so that followers follow.

Ninja responded to Benjy’s response to “Benjyfish” Fish’s video and said why his account was compromised. Ninja replied, “No, I had to stop two-factor verification because I didn’t have access to my old phone and never set up again,” Benjy replied, “No one is safe even if Ninja is hacked.”

Hackers trying to take over Ninja’s account attempted to infect Ninja’s wife and also partner, Jessica Blevins. However, Jessica said that the hackers who tried to infect her could only last five minutes and announced that she had survived this attack.

This event is not the first attribute for Ninja. The famous actor came to the agenda in July of this year after his Instagram account was taken over. Hackers who took over Ninja’s Instagram account had fake sweepstakes on this account.


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