Famous painter found the solution in quarantine with iPad


English painter David Hockney, with his dog and assistant, has been in quarantine for a long time in his house in Normandy. The famous artist spends his days in isolation from the society very productively. Drawing with the iPad, the painter produced works of art. The work that came out when iPad and a talented painter came together were also impressive.

Drawing with iPad, the painter evaluates quarantine days by drawing
We can say that the English artist is enjoying these spring days that most of us cannot enjoy. Drawing with the iPad, the painter creates digital artworks in the garden of his home in Normandy with his own interpretation of the awakening of spring every day. Hockney shared these pictures, which have not been published anywhere before, with the BBC.

The 83-year-old artist first visits Normandy in the autumn months of 2018. He then decides that this place he visited is an ideal place to draw and paint the arrival of spring.

These works give us the chance to see how iPad works in drawing when it comes together with a skilled hand. The painter, who has done many of his works on the tablet, states that he will continue his work to the BBC.

The artist, who spends the quarantine days with his dog Ruby and drawing, also says that he has a pleasant day and loves life. In addition, the famous painter says that he is 83 years old and knows that he will die one day, and adds, “the reason for death is birth”.

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