Famous Name’s Gold and Bitcoin Interpretation Released


The multimillionaire Kim Dotcom, who said two years ago that gold and Bitcoin will rise, was right. Dotcom’s interpretation of gold and Bitcoin, which predicted that the US dollar will begin to lose power in 2018, turned out to be correct.

The well-known name of the technology world, Kim Dotcom, to his followers on Twitter in 2018; He advised them to invest their money in gold and bitcoin, claiming that there would be a major collapse in the traditional money markets. This Bitcoin comment came two years ago, and Dotcom tweeted again yesterday, hinting that he was right when he said in 2018.

BTC Doubled

Dotcom was right in the claim that the investor in Bitcoin and gold will win. While Bitcoin was traded at $ 6,200 in August 2018, Ounce gold price was $ 1,212. Today, BTC rose to $ 12,263. Ounce of gold is traded at $ 2,013. While Bitcoin has doubled itself in the past two years, ounce of gold has also increased by about 63 percent. Also, according to analysts, dollar dominance in the market is breaking and the US dollar is losing value. The currencies in the dollar-indexed markets also show a depreciation with the dollar’s weakness. In the light of all this information, we see that Kim Dotcom’s comment on gold and Bitcoin was justified. Those who listened to Dotcom in 2018 and invested their money in Bitcoin with gold earned significant amounts of money today.

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Will Ounce Gold and BTC Prices Increase?

The COVID-19 outbreak has damaged the economies of all countries of the world. Investors are trying to protect their incomes and changing economic balances, which were shaken by the epidemic. The investor who wanted to protect himself turned to gold and crypto money as a “safe haven”. In this case, gold and Bitcoin prices gradually increased. Economy and crypto analysts think that ounce gold and Bitcoin prices will continue to increase in the coming days. Standard Chartered analysts say ounce gold will rise if the dollar continues to weaken. In addition, economist Şant Manukyan predicts that BTC that exceeds the 12 thousand dollars threshold will exceed 13 thousand dollars.

Who is Dotcom?

Kim Dotcom, whose real name is Kim Schmitz, was born in 1974 in Germany. In his youth, he was caught hacking in Germany and released on condition that he helped in cybersecurity. He founded the megaupload and became the internet’s recognized name as a crazy multimillionaire. An entrepreneur, Kim Dotcom, a staunch Bitcoin supporter and investor, is also a digital rights activist.


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