Famous Namco Designer Hiroshi Ono Dies At 64 Years Old


Hiroshi Ono: Here we are facing the sad news of another death within the gaming world. In a message posted on his official Twitter profile, it was announced that Hiroshi Ono, known as Mr. Dotman, had passed away on October 16th.

According to information on the network, Ono had been hospitalized to treat a problem of hepatitis for some time, but he ended up not resisting the procedures and left this world last Saturday.

Famous works

The older crowd will certainly remember some of Mr. Dotman’s works, as his name appears in the credits of some successful Namco titles, including Dig Dug, Xevious, Galaga, Mappy and Pole Position.

Here is Voxel’s tribute to the designer, as well as his condolences to all friends and family.


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