The famous GIF app comes to Instagram


The popular social media application Facebook continues to work to improve the user experience. On WhatsApp and Instagram, which are connected to Facebook, they get their share of these improvements. Facebook and other platforms owned by the company have been running for a long time with the Giphy application. According to the latest news, the Giphy Instagram plugin is coming as a result of Facebook’s purchase.

Giphy Instagram plugin is developing
Planning to integrate the GIF library with Instagram and other apps, Facebook has agreed to purchase the popular GIF production and sharing website Giphy for $ 400 million. Giphy, the largest library on the internet to create and share GIFs, has been working with Facebook and its apps for a long time. According to Facebook, 50 percent of Giphy’s traffic comes from their own apps. Half of this 50 percent is Instagram.

After the purchase, Giphy will continue to work under the umbrella of Instagram. With the Giphy Instagram plugin, sending GIFs and stickers in stories and direct messages will become even easier. For Facebook users, Giphy will remain the same for now. Numerous services like Twitter, Pinterest, Slack and Reddit rely on Giphy’s API to provide GIF to their users.

It is also a fact that other social media platforms compete with Facebook. Although no problems appear for now, with the purchase of Giphy, there may be problems with other social media platforms.


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