Famous Economist Shared Cryptocurrency Investment Strategies!


Real Vision CEO and senior economist Raoul Pal shares his cryptocurrency investment strategy with crypto enthusiasts amid the bearish market trend. Raoul Pal told his 828,300 Twitter followers that he did not make a profit by selling any of his crypto assets and instead added to his holdings.

Cryptocurrency investment strategies

The renowned investment guru also says he has set up a crypto investment fund known as Exponential Age Asset Management, which will have a long-term outlook. Raoul Pal says:

People asked if I was taking any profits; and the answer is no. When I have cash I keep adding to my bet. I switched between digital assets and also set up a cryptocurrency hedge fund to stay in business for years.

Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal says that if crypto assets gain significant value, he will be able to generate profits to cover his personal expenses. If otherwise, Pal says he won’t sell. Pal: “As the field gets more complex and challenging, I will set aside this funding for my core position. But I will keep some living expenses out of my investments. I have a big house extension to pay for! Fortunately, I can pay for it from my income. I will not reduce my investments, I will increase them,” he says.

Pal also says that all his cash is in cryptocurrency, he is debt-free. He is dependent on a separate income to meet his daily expenses. Pal says:

All my money is in digital assets. Everything but paying the bills… I also have no debt and income, so I can handle profit and loss fluctuations without worry. Choose your own journey. Take the risk you can afford to play the long game and don’t try to get rich right away.