Famous director announced that she invested in Bitcoin and asked for advice


Grammy award-winning director Joseph Kahn, who shot clips from Eminem and Britney Spears from Lady Gaga to the world-famous superstars, said that he is now a new favorite hobby: buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Kahn, apparently, is looking for investment advice.

Saying that he started trading crypto money last month, Kahn announced that he made a profit of 450 dollars. Sharing a screenshot from his account on Coinbase Pro, Kahn stated that he made an investment of $ 7,500, later converted many to cash, and now he has put purchase orders in Bitcoin and Ethereum with this money. According to the screenshot, Kahn’s portfolio includes 2 Litecoins (LTC), 1.7 Ether (ETH) and 0.31 Bitcoin (BTC). The current portfolio size of the director is $ 7950.

Kahn’s interest in Bitcoin dates back to 2013, but it is not known whether he purchased any Bitcoin during this period. On the other hand, 50 Cent, one of the names he worked with, accepted crypto money as a payment method for his album “Animal Ambition” in 2014. It was stated that 50 Cent, said to have gained 700 BTC from these sales, still held these BTC in 2018. However, it was understood that he did not hold crypto money during a bankruptcy hearing that took place in the following period.

In a post she shared last February, Kahn said, “I bought Bitcoin today because the porn industry accepts it. If the porn industry adopts a technology, this is a sign that that technology is mainstream. ” was using expressions.

The famous director wrote in a post on March 13 that he bought 500 dollars of Bitcoin two weeks ago, and that his money fell by half. As it is known, Bitcoin price had a sharp decrease to $ 3700 in those days. It is seen that Kahn’s $ 500 portfolio decreased to $ 260 on March 13.

Finally, Kahn stressed that yesterday’s messages are open to ideas about crypto money.

World-renowned writer J.K. Rowling also asked Twitter to tell her followers exactly what Bitcoin was, and this tweet spread in waves.



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