Famous Dietitian Dr. Reply to Mehmet Öz: Eat Breakfast Like Kings


Dr. Mehmet Oz, the world-famous Turkish doctor living in the United States, “Breakfast is not needed,” talking about the explanation Nutrition and Diet Expert. Ender Saraç, “Breakfast, such as the king, lunch, such as prince, dinner, such as the poor eat,” he said.

Breakfast, which has an important place especially in Turkish society, has divided dieticians and doctors into two. Question (n) is: should breakfast or not? Mehmet Öz, an American doctor of Turkish origin, known to the world, recently made statements that disrupt the memorization of breakfast.

Professor of Surgery and Vice President at Columbia University. Dr. Öz said, orum I don’t think we need breakfast. This is an advertising tool. Many of these beliefs were not based on facts about our health. Erek He said that breakfast was unnecessary. Going further, the Turkish-American heart surgeon said, biri One of the first things to do in 2020 should be to ban breakfast, ilk the first-day meal should be eaten when hungry.

Dr. Ender Sarac: Breakfast should not be abandoned
Professor Dr. Famous Nutrition and Diet Expert Dr. Ender Saraç said, kahvaltı Breakfast is the most important meal in our Turkish society and even in the whole world. There’s a saying, ‘Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince, eat dinner like a poor’. I agree with that. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day ”.

Classic Turkish breakfast should be considered because there is too much pastry, Dr.. Saddler, light and healthy breakfast should not be abandoned. Professor Dr. Öz’s notion that breakfast is done before the famous nutritionist and dietitian expert, who expressed his opinion that two meals a day can be fed.

After the famous gourmet Vedat Milor’s discussion of whether menemen is bulbous or non-bulbous, now we have to discuss whether a breakfast like a ball of light is necessary. Let’s see what our next title is. Let’s wait and see.


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