Famous Company Denies Partnership With This Metaverse Coin: Price Dropped!


International retail apparel and fashion design firm H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) denied that its store, seen in a tweet from metaverse coin project CEEK VR (CEEK), is within the framework of the partnership. In the tweet below, CEEK announces that users can shop from virtual stores under the tag @H&M. After the sharing was made on December 7, when the partnership news was moved to news sites such as Mashable India in January, H&M representatives made statements on the subject. Here are the details…

After the company’s statements, the metaverse coin price dropped

On December 7, CEEK, creating a metaverse for creators and consumers, featured the H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) brand in the preview above. When the partnership made headlines on news platforms in January, a spokesperson for the clothing company issued a statement to report that “H&M is currently not opening stores in the metaverse.” After the developments during the day, the price of CEEK decreased to $ 0.679201, while the loss in the last 24 hours reached 2.56%. However, the metaverse coin project states that the “H&M” brand is used only as a concept…

According to the announcement made on Ceek’s official Twitter account after the developments, it was stated that the H&M brand was used only as a concept in the metaverse. The project also states that it has spoken to H&M officials to make this a reality, but no conclusion has been reached at the moment. In their statement on January 4, the Metaverse project said:

As noted in the post below, the store in the H&M Ceek metaverse was a concept presented to H&M, not yet an actual virtual store. We’re talking to the folks at H&M to make this a reality, but that’s not real at the moment.