Famous CEO Shared His Forecasts For 4 Altcoins: Wonderful!


Zac Prince, CEO of BlockFi, a crypto company that offers high interest rates on cryptocurrency deposits, shares the 3 main trends on his radar in 2022 and his perspective for Bitcoin, Ethereum and 3 other altcoin projects. We, as Somagnews, have prepared it for our readers.

The famous CEO’s view of the crypto market and altcoin projects that he finds great

Zac Prince, CEO and co-founder of BlockFi, which manages $10 billion in assets, recently shared his 2022 crypto outlook on everything from tokens to NFTs to the metaverse and regulation.

With the market in a sea of ​​red, many are gearing up for another multi-year ‘crypto winter’. How do you make sense of the current market environment?

Crypto markets are not for the faint of heart. Yes, it can be volatile, especially if you follow the markets 24/7. If you zoom out though and look at year-over-year performance, you’ll see that Bitcoin alone has increased by about 60% from the end of 2020 to the end of 2021. This is similar for other major altcoin projects like Ethereum and Solana.

My philosophy is simple: do your homework and think long-term.

Just like when you consider investing in the public markets, you always research the company before making a decision. Crypto investors should do the same. Research the crypto assets you are interested in investing in and make sure you believe in the core values ​​of these blockchains for success over time. When thinking long term, most people aren’t traders, so I generally recommend that people buy things they can comfortably carry for at least a few years.

What is your market outlook for the next year? Any price predictions for BTC and ETH? What are some highly credible tokens on your radar for 2022?

I am optimistic about the crypto markets for 2022. There is a lot of momentum in the industry for individual and corporate adoption. This adds to the tremendous growth in the capital markets, there are outstanding teams creating support and valuable products for the ecosystem. Digital assets are some of the best-performing assets in the past decade, and their adoption rate by mainstream consumers is already astronomical.

As for the specific crypto assets on my radar for 2022, I predict that blue chips like Bitcoin and Ethereum will continue to perform incredibly well relative to traditional asset classes. I also expect the trend we’ve seen to continue with great performance from better, faster and cheaper alternatives to Ethereum. In this respect, Solana (SOL), Terra (LUNA) and Avalanche AVAX) are altcoin projects to look at.

How do you see this Facebook-driven metaverse explosion? How about digital parcels of land that sell for millions of dollars?

There is a lot of innovation and excitement happening in the metaverse space, and this is an especially exciting time for creators and innovators.

Only time will tell what is just hype and what will drive continued adoption and become a part of our daily lives.

For example, NFTs are extremely popular right now with a large number of investments flowing into new ventures and startups. I recently served as an angel investor for a Series A funding round at Arcade, an NFT lending platform. There is a lot of value behind certain NFTs and I believe investors should have access to securing NFT-backed loans such as crypto-backed loans through BlockFi.

What do you think should be the focus of legislators and policy makers when it comes to regulating the sector?

The primary focus should be clarity. BlockFi is an ardent supporter of regulation of the crypto industry. With regulatory clarity, we will see an explosion of innovation and adoption in crypto that will benefit all investors and continue to position the US as a leader in innovation and financial markets.

What are some key crypto-related themes and events on your radar for 2022?

Regulatory clarity is essential for growth and innovation in the crypto space. BlockFi is actively engaging with US regulators at both the state and federal levels to educate them about cryptocurrency markets and potential guidelines for regulation.

Once regulatory clarity is achieved, I anticipate a massive uptick into the space by both individual and institutional investors.

New customers will seek resources and tools to easily buy, sell and trade crypto for the first time. And more advanced clients will look for a platform to help them do more with their current and future crypto investments. BlockFi is well-positioned to serve all crypto-asset needs, especially those who want to do more with their crypto like active trading, secure crypto-backed loans, earning crypto rewards on credit card purchases, and hopefully investing in ETFs. Depending on regulatory clarity, we may see further expansion on the ETF front in the US.

Finally, I predict we will see more developments in the crypto payments space. We’ve already seen a lot of enthusiasm for the BlockFi Crypto Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card since its launch in July 2021. More and more consumers not only want to enter the crypto ecosystem, but also want to do more to increase their benefits and participation.