Famous Billionaire Mark Cuban Is Not Convinced To Buy Bitcoin


American investor billionaire Mark Cuban said that banana trading is easier than trading cryptocurrencies. Indicating that Bitcoin should be easier to understand and use, however, the billionaire said that as long as the central banks continue to print excessive amounts, the star of Bitcoin will shine.

Cuban: Trading Banana Is Better Than Dealing With Bitcoin
Cryptocurrency advocate Anthony Pompliano recently interviewed Mark Cuban. Cuban, the star of the Shark Tank program, reiterated the view that Bitcoin does not have as much real-life use as a banana:
“I can trade banana much more easily. I can even eat that banana without rotting so I can save energy before sports. ”

Cuban also explained what needs to change in order to buy Bitcoin:

“The asset should be very easy to use, and even low-witted ones should be able to use it. It should be understandable to everyone. Only then can this be said to be an alternative to gold as a store of value.

You must be able to spend it to trade. Now you have to transform the asset to get something. As long as you need to convert, you’re still dependent on fiat currencies. ”

It should be noted, however, that many industries already accept BTC as a payment method.

Cuban, who also owns the NBA team Dallas Mavericks, mentioned that his team accepted Bitcoin as a payment method a few years ago. In 2019, Mavs started using BitPay for the sale of game tickets and commercial products.

However, according to Cuban, only 130 dollars worth of Bitcoin was obtained from the sale.

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Blockchain and the Potential of Bitcoin
Cuban said that as long as central banks around the world pressed money to tackle the economic turmoil caused by the epidemic, Bitcoin could have an important chance to influence the financial statement.

“I understand the possible problems with fiat money because we print a lot of money and it will have global consequences. If everything starts to crash, Bitcoin can shine here. But if this does not happen, Bitcoin will have no chance. ”

Cuban also stated that he believes that the blockchain has serious potential, but this has not yet happened:

“Actually, the blockchain is a great opportunity. However, in reality, we have not seen blockchain applications work very well. ”


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