Famous Billionaire Expects Explosion In Bitcoin (BTC)


Famous billionaire Tim Draper claims that Bitcoin and blockchain can transform many industries. Risk capitalist Tim Draper said in the “Anything Is Possible” program that a “boom” in Bitcoin is currently projected because people are no longer willing to use banks as they depend on fiat money.

The billionaire claimed that politicians were able to print fiat currencies on a whim, thereby lowering their value. Draper said:

“This will not happen in the case of Bitcoin. You know there are only 21 million Bitcoins. ”

Building a New Society

Draper believes that Bitcoin and blockchain can transform countless industries, from insurance to governments, as well as banking. Money now has the ability to flow from one place to another, allowing people to find new ways.

With a globalist mindset, the billionaire has a responsibility to push this technology forward and build a new global society. Draper believes it can “make a great impact” by supporting blockchain-powered domain name provider Unstoppable Domains, allowing you to create websites that cannot be closed and censored.

Draper also criticizes mainstream news announcers such as CNN, who want to maintain the status quo, citing the influence of the media on cryptocurrencies. Draper uses the following expressions:

“They usually go to government officials who don’t want to change anything, and they go to the current sector, namely banks that don’t want to change absolutely anything because they like the situation as it is now.”

Women’s Currency

Draper also touched on the gender gap in the cryptocurrency industry dominated by men.

Considering that Bitcoin was initially almost exclusively for tech enthusiasts, Draper stated that most of the early adopters were men, and it was no surprise that women later entered the industry. Draper made the following statements:

“Women are starting companies now. They change all of that. This is one of those times when women have to say: ‘Let’s get ahead of that. Let’s make Bitcoin the currency of women. “”

Draper added that women using Bitcoin can save up to 4 percent on every purchase they make while shopping.

Who is Tim Draper?

Timothy Cook Draper (born June 11, 1958) is an American venture capital investor and founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Draper University, Draper Venture Network, Draper Associates, and Draper Goren Holm. Its most important investments include Baidu, Hotmail, Skype, Tesla, SpaceX, AngelList, SolarCity, Ring, Twitter, DocuSign, Coinbase, Robinhood, Ancestry.com, Twitch, Cruise Automation and Focus Media. Draper is a major proponent of Bitcoin and decentralization.


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