Famous Analyst PlanB Repeats BTC Prediction


Famous analyst PlanB highlighted the $ 288,000 Bitcoin (BTC) price forecast based on the Bitcoin S2F model and compared BTC with traditional value stores.

The creator of the 2SF (stock-flow) model for Bitcoin, PlanB’s leading cryptocurrency market analyst re-tweeted its previous forecast for $ 288,000 BTC and presented new data to support its view.

Anonymous analyst and trader PlanB has published a post comparing the stock-flow value of various assets (which can be considered as wealth stores), including Bitcoin. PlanB put safe port assets such as gold, silver, diamond, real estate and Bitcoin on the 2SF chart. PlanB reminded those who followed the BTC – S2F formula for Bitcoin and confirmed that the previous BTC price target remained as it was: $ 288 thousand.

The analyst said that he would later provide a detailed article with explanations and resources.

Responding to a Twitter user’s comment, PlanB stated that all these assets (gold, silver, diamond, real estate and Bitcoin) compete with each other as a store of value. PlanB shared that the markets are experiencing a continuous financial crisis and investors are looking for reliable safe haven assets among the above.

According to Plan B, some traders are selling their gold or real estate to buy some Bitcoin. There are also people who do the opposite, because the safe harbor circle is pretty small these days.

Kiyosaki Confessed to Storing

In his last tweets, the famous investor and author of the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki admitted that he bought Bitcoin, gold and silver. Kiyosaki calls them affordable and reliable value stores. He says that Bitcoin and silver are particularly affordable because BTC can be purchased in fractions (satoshis) and silver can be bought in dollars.

However, Robert Kiyosaki’s “first love” was the real estate that made the wealth.


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