Famous Analyst: Bitcoin is at These Levels in April, November and December!


Nicholas Merten, a popular crypto analyst, is laying out a roadmap for where Bitcoin (BTC) will go in the coming months and the rest of 2022.

Nicholas Merten conveyed his expectations for Bitcoin

Nicholas Merten said that despite Bitcoin’s dramatic rise from its all-time high (ATH) $69,000 in November to drop below $34,000 on January 24, Bitcoin actually held up better than expected and did not drop below $30,000. He said that instead of the dip, we’ve seen buyers buy the dips rather quickly. The DataDash server believes that the possibility of BTC holding the range and subsequently reclaiming $40,000 could mean that the leading crypto will bounce back to its previous all-time high in the next two months. Merten’s comments are as follows:

What I think is really incredible about all this is not the fact that we’re going to be bullish… It could mean that we can actually get back to where we are in the coming weeks. We’re returning to this previous resistance range ($65,000), which is the previous all-time high. I bet… that’s something we’ll probably see in April.

Will BTC hit $100,000?

Merten says that while some investors await the absolute cheap Bitcoin bargain, optimistic bulls are choosing to pull the trigger and lock up their BTC instead of missing the next rally. “Some other bulls in the market who were not expecting it, in this case smart money, decided to go in and buy, and they did so much faster than last time. What we need to see here is a third high in price. Higher than in the past. In the end, we may experience some kind of withdrawal that scares people. I don’t think we will be close to what we saw in late 2021, as the trend is strengthening. ” he said.

The chart analyst thinks that Bitcoin could not only eventually break the $100,000 level, but likely double that price by November. For that, it marks the end of the year. Stating that BTC will make a last spring rally towards the end of the year in November, the analyst said, “This is our goal. At that time, we were talking about Bitcoin reaching $ 150 thousand, $ 200 thousand,” he said.