Family portrait: King Charles and William laughing together


King Charles III (73) and Prince William (40) smile on the bet! After the tragic death of Queen Elizabeth II ( ✝ 96), a new king with her eldest son appeared in the UK. But this meant great upheaval for the country: the monarch needed a new seal and new coins. New photos were also taken — and now one of the portraits shows Charles with his family for the first time!

On Instagram, the official account of the royal family shared a photo of Charles and his heir William. Their wives are also there: the king’s wife Camilla (75 years old) and Princess Kate (40 years old). This is the first family portrait after the Queen’s death. The photo was taken at Buckingham Palace on September 18 before the reception of heads of state at the Queen’s funeral. Because of the royal mourning, the whole family is still dressed in black, but all four are smiling happily.

Officially, the period of mourning ended on September 27, and normal work resumed in the palace. Despite the fact that Charles became king immediately after his mother’s death, his real work with royal duties is only now beginning. William and Kate also went straight to Wales for their first date.


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