How did his family not recognize Marty McFly in the Back to the Future movie series?


Bob Gale, the screenwriter for Back To The Future, shared an important script shortfall about the character of Marty McFly, which kept his fans in mind.

Ever since the movie Back to the Future was released in 1985, many were wondering how when Marty McFly returned home in the 1980s, his parents could not understand that their son was Calvin Klein, who made them in the 1950s. Indeed, how could they not realize that their son Marty was also high school friends Calvin? This deficit in the script came up again in a discussion about what makes a movie “perfect” on Twitter.

Marvel Director James Gunn, “Back to the Future” may be ‘apparently’ flawed (why didn’t Mom and Dad remember Marty?) But I still claim to be a great movie because there are possible reasons for it (time protects itself against unraveling etc.) Maybe I prefer to deny. Who knows? ” Wrote.

Chris Pratt, who played the Guardians of the Galaxy, directed by Gunn, answered:

“Maybe they remember him as Calvin, not as Marty. When Marty returned to the present time in 1985, it was probably many years before his parents discovered the mysterious resemblance between their son and the child they knew from high school 20 years ago.”

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Gale’s comments closed the gap, saying: “Pratt seems to be right, remember that George and Lorraine knew Marty / Calvin only 6 days when they were only 17, and they did not meet every day during this time. Now, after all these years, they may still remember this interesting boy who arranged their first meeting, but I want everyone to think about their own high school years. If there is no photograph, what you remember after 25 years would be misty memories. ”

In the continuation of the speech, the screenwriter said:

“So Lorraine and George might find it funny that they once really met someone named Calvin Klein, and they might even think their 16-17-year-old son resembled Calvin, but that wouldn’t be a big deal anyway. we see some similarities between our children. “


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