A family made a 11-year-old child get a car to play GTA


A family in the UK has allowed their kids to drive their cars to stop playing GTA on PlayStation all day. The police did not agree with the family on this matter.

The UK police shared one of the strangest GTA stories of the year from its social media official social media account. According to the sharing of Lancashire Police, the family of an 11-year-old boy in Blackpool allowed the child to drive to prevent him from playing GTA all day.

Lancashire police told the incident from his Twitter account: “The driver of this car was 11 years old … (yes, eleven!) A family member was tired of the boy playing Grand Theft Auto all day on Playstation and so he practiced driving in a parking lot in Blackpool. led to making … Adults were reported to traffic crimes. ”

Police officers stopped the red Vauxhall Astra in a parking lot in downtown Blackpool, and fined the parent in the car. Some eyewitnesses said that the boy was surprisingly good and they did not see a problem with his driving.

Fortunately, the boy driving the car did not cause any accident or damage. We now better understand why GTA is labeled 18+ by rating agencies.

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