Family crisis? Victoria Beckham tilt Süße Botschaft


Victoria Beckham’s line (48) finally made peace? Make sure that the Spice Girls singer, along with her best friends Sohnes Brooklyn (23 years old) with the participation of daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz-Beckham (27 years old), are minors. The fuss over the wedding dress is said to have expanded into a family feud, but as part of Paris Fashion Week, reconciliation seemed to be in the air. Now Vic shared a family photo with a loving message.

On Instagram, Victoria now shared a picture showing her with husband David Beckham (47), her four kids and Nicola. “I love you all so much,” the 48-year–old wrote – and included Brooklyn and his wife very directly. Eva Longoria (47 years old) at the Vics Show in Paris took place during the Great Patriotic War, leaving the lower posts with other Herz emojis.

Before that, Dad David is said to have made a real announcement to his son. Because the drama around Victoria and Nicola had simply become too much for the former professional footballer. “I don’t think David has ever lost his temper with Brooklyn or spoken harshly to him, but now this has happened,” Insider told the Daily Mail.


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