Family comes first! A guide on how the characters of “Chicago Firefighters”, “Chicago Police” and “Chicago Medics” are connected


We are weaving a tangled web! The characters of Dick Wolf in the TV series “Chicago Fire”, Chicago police. and Chicago Med are intertwined on different levels, including siblings, marriages and failed romances.

Fans early felt cross-connections with Gabby Dawson from “Chicago Fire” (Monica Raymund) and Antonio Dawson from “Chicago Police” (John Seda). The fictional sister and brother duo first appeared on screen together in the first season of the TV series “Fire”, which is the first series of “One Chicago” from Wolf. (The show debuted in October 2012.)

“When I was first offered the role, Dick Wolf said that he was Gabriela Dawson’s brother and that he was a detective,” Seda recalled in an interview with Starry magazine in October 2017. I need to bring everything there that I was going to bring Antonio. Of course, now, as it is written in the scripts… That’s it—he’s Gabby’s brother and a detective.”

Los Angeles star Brea, who was part of the original Chicago police force. When it premiered in January 2014, he noted that his chemistry with Raymond happened quickly.

“We really didn’t have time to rehearse and get to know each other,” Seda explained. “She is such a professional and such a wonderful person that it is so easy for me to go to the set, see her and work with her. She’s so good, and it’s a pleasure to work with her.”

Shortly after the audience met Jay Halstead of the Chicago Police (Jesse Lee Soffer) During the first season of the procedural drama, they found out that he has an equally talented brother, Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gelfus), who later became the main character. on Chicago Med.

Behind the scenes, the actors’ connection goes beyond just friendship — they have experience of saving a person’s life together.

“My favorite fan story is actually a real encounter with rescuers,” Soffer told reporters at Comic Con in July 2021, recalling the time when the duo helped save a woman in a car accident. “I was at dinner with Nick Gelfuss, who plays my brother in Chicago Medics, and we were walking home from dinner and we heard tires screeching behind us, about a block away.”

The Mob Doctor alum said that the woman’s car rolled into a ditch after colliding with another car.

“Nick and I, we ran, and he’s like:”What are we doing? “We jumped into the ditch and pulled this woman out. The car was on its side, we pulled it out of the driver’s side window, in general, and lifted it up.”

The In Time actor noted that the woman was surprised to see both actors playing rescuers from Chicago at the scene of the accident. “She’s like, ‘Ahhh!’ It was a strange meta-experience for her that the Halstead brothers saved her life,” Soffer added.