Family Chantelle: Why Winter’s Weight Loss Surgery bothered her family


Winter Everett’s weight loss journey has the full support of The Family Chantel fans, but her family was definitely worried about her before the procedure. She decided to have bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, weighing 300 pounds at the age of 27. While her family appreciated her goals, the “Family Chantelle” star Winter really took a risk by having a major surgery.

Many fans of the spin-off “90-day groom” like to keep up with Chantelle Jimeno’s younger sister, Winter, who gives the impression of a kind, sweet and sincere person. Meanwhile, her weight loss transformation was filled with honesty, support, self-love and positivity. She decided to film her bariatric surgery in season 4 of The Family Chantel. Many viewers were connected to her story, as she also openly talked about her weight loss path on her popular Instagram page. While Winter receives a lot of love from her close-knit family, her relatives have made it clear that they are concerned about her surgery.

Chantelle and the head of the family, Karen Everett, accompanied Winter to Mexico on the Family Chantelle program for her procedure. The women openly admitted that they were worried about Winter, as was her younger brother, Riverkite Everett. Her family members adore Winter, which is why they had so many concerns about her surgery. Nurse practitioner Chantelle shared that she is concerned about certain risks, such as intestinal obstruction, bruising on the intestines and infection, which can affect her brother or sister after the procedure. Karen, Chantelle and Rivernight were also concerned that something might happen to Winter during the operation. While the family feared for Winter’s physical health, her mental health also worried them.

Winter has structured part of her personality and personality around her weight. Therefore, the star of the Family Chantelle Winter had to face aspects of who she was after surgery, when the number on the scales began to plummet. Chantelle told how important it is for her younger sister to understand that she is still the same person, regardless of her size. However, sudden changes in weight can change a person’s sense of self and identity. According to Karen, Winter has dreamed of weight loss surgery since childhood. Therefore, a lot depended on her decision to have a sleeve gastric resection operation, which would significantly reduce the size of her stomach. Winter was also worried about how the surgery would affect her new relationship.

In general, many fans of The Family Chantel called the Winter bold. However, viewers pay great attention to Winter’s weight. Many fans are extremely involved in her weight loss journey, constantly praising her body and complimenting her for being an inspiring influencer and role model. Fortunately, her family is with her, as relatives can remind Winter that her weight does not affect her personality, as many fans of The Family Chantel send their love to her.