Family Chantelle: Why fans Think Chantelle is too good for Pedro


Chantelle and Pedro Jimeno used to be considered a successful and happy couple of 90-day grooms, but now fans of the “Chantelle Family” are wondering if Pedro deserves to be with Chantelle. An American woman and a man from the Dominican Republic have been married for five years and have experienced many family disputes and dramatic accusations. However, Pedro’s treatment of Chantelle in season 4 of The Family Chantelle led viewers to argue that Chantelle deserves more.

Chantelle and Pedro quickly fell in love after meeting in the Dominican Republic. Pedro taught his future wife Spanish, and the duo was able to keep their flame alive while they had to meet at a distance. Then Pedro faced huge problems due to the interfering Chantelle family, although now the Everett clan accepts him. Unfortunately, the Jimeno family does not accept Chantelle. The third season of “Family Chantelle” ended with Pedro facing a difficult truth about his family and mother. Realizing that most of the women in his family slept with married men in order to become the fathers of their children, Pedro began to seriously reconsider his marriage.

Pedro and Chantelle’s marriage is in a very bad state during the 4th season of “The Family Chantelle”. Chantelle believes that Pedro’s family drama has separated them, while the audience was shocked to see how much Pedro’s behavior towards Chantelle has changed. Pedro treated his wife with love and affectionately called her by the nickname Pinky. However, in the new season, he was much colder to her. Although Chantelle hopes for an honest discussion with Pedro, he constantly puts their marriage last on his list. Pedro prefers to walk with his colleagues and not tell Chantelle where he is and when he will return. Many fans find this behavior unacceptable.

Viewers noted many signs that Chantelle is growing up and trying to work on her marriage, and Pedro does not give her anything in return. Chantelle tried to be a sympathetic and supportive partner who communicates. She also makes an effort to cook, clean, and find time to spend with her husband. However, Pedro shrugs off her efforts and instead tries to point out to her the areas in which he finds flaws. The communication between Pedro and Chantelle reached such a low level that Chantelle was happy that her family asked Pedro about the children, as she did not know how he felt about this issue.

In general, many viewers express sympathy for the clearly distraught Chantelle. However, Chantelle angered viewers by telling Pedro that she had brought him to the United States. Many fans felt that it was inappropriate for Chantelle to tell her husband. At the same time, Pedro was also sharply criticized for his cold and seemingly cruel behavior. Some viewers of the Family Chantelle wonder if the couple arranged their releases for viewing, although other fans believe that Pedro and Chantelle can really get divorced.