Family Chantelle: what did chantelle do after filing for divorce


Pedro Jimeno filed for divorce from his wife Chantel Jimeno on May 27, and many fans of The Family Chantel are curious about what and how Chantel has been doing in the last two months. Although Pedro filed for an official divorce back in May, he stated that the duo has been separated since April 27. However, this news did not become public until it was discovered on July 7. Chantelle was constantly sharing news about herself and her daughter. life on social media to show how she is doing after her marriage broke up.

Chantelle and Pedro were previously one of the most successful couples of the 90-Day Fiance franchise of all time. The duo starred in their own side show and overcame a lot of family problems on both sides to build what seemed to be a happy and mature marriage. However, everything went downhill after Pedro realized how corrupt his family was during a disastrous trip to his home country, the Dominican Republic. Pedro returned a changed man and became aloof, cold and dismissive towards Chantelle. While Pedro filed for divorce, Chantelle claimed abuse by Pedro. Many viewers of the Chantelle family series sided with Chantelle after witnessing Pedro’s shockingly violent behavior.

Many viewers of The Family Chantel expect that Chantel will return to normal as soon as the gorgeous nurse from Atlanta recovers from a broken heart. Chantelle seems to accept her female friendship and family as she realizes her worth. Chantelle’s current Instagram bio reads, “All the time you thought you weren’t enough, you were overqualified.” Meanwhile, Chantelle retains a surprisingly good mood and attitude, given the grief she airs in the ongoing season 4 of “The Family Chantelle.” It is clear that Chantelle really fought for her marriage and loved Pedro, although she moves on with much more tact. and class, while Pedro ominously hints at exposing Chantelle for unknown reasons. The native of the Dominican Republic shared that he will tell details about the split in the podcast, although many viewers criticize him for rumors of infidelity.

Although there has already been speculation about who Chantelle is dating after her breakup with Pedro, it seems she is more focused on a platonic relationship. Chantelle said that she spends time with the son of Royal and Angenette Wiley, who is her nephew. This probably means that she has restored relations with her sister-in-law after Chantelle had previously treated Angenette with hostility. Chantelle also shared a touching photo of her and her sister Winter Everett hugging each other, as these two ladies seem to be the main source of joint support. She also spent time with her friends and found solace in these relationships. While Chantelle appears to be recovering, the model and nurse caught the eye in a gorgeous lavender dress in a glamorous video that many fans interpreted as Chantelle stating that she was putting herself in her place again.

Pedro may be cryptically hinting at drama, but Chantelle seems focused on healing her broken heart and relying on reliable sources of support. Both she and Pedro made it clear that their marriage could not be saved. However, viewers of the 4th season of “Family Chantelle” really witnessed that only Chantelle was even interested in preserving her marriage, while Pedro instead abandoned it. Many viewers believe that Pedro cheated either with his young colleague Antonella Barrenechea Streuli, or with her aunt and Pedro’s boss, Laura Delgado. While Pedro may have been over Chantelle before she was over him, many fans of the Chantelle Family believe she will be the long-term winner of the divorce.


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