Family Chantelle: The best photos of Winter’s revenge after the breakup of Ja


Winter Everett became famous for her weight loss on the TV series “Family Chantelle”, as many viewers praise her revenge body after she broke up with Ja. Winter had a long-term relationship with a controlling older man. After breaking off the engagement, Winter decided to fulfill her dreams and lose weight for herself. Since then, she has shown off her new figure and self-confidence, and fans of The Family Chantel have supported her.

Ja and Winter dated for seven years and were together for most of her 20s. Winter was a teenager when she started dating Jah and quickly submitted to his controlling lifestyle and rules. Jah followed the faith of the Nazarene and was opposed to surgery. However, Winter wanted to have a sleeve gastric resection operation since she was a young girl, as she always struggled with her weight. As soon as Ja and Winter broke up forever after he mentioned polygamy, Winter decided to go to Mexico and have the procedure as soon as possible. This decision marked the beginning of her weight loss journey.

Winter’s breakup may have been difficult at first, but it helped her focus on herself and what she wants from life. This led to her losing weight and accepting herself with newfound love and confidence. Winter is now known for her body positivity and self-confidence. While she struggles to lose weight and continues to lose weight through diet and exercise, Winter is also praised for her confidence and motivational skills. Many viewers believe that Winter was able to accept herself and her weight loss only because she broke up with her ex-partner Ja, who, according to fans, held her back.

Winter celebrates loneliness

Winter may be losing weight for himself, but the “Family Chantelle” star showed Jah exactly what he was missing in a widely known post from last Valentine’s Day. Winter did an amazing photo shoot during her weight loss journey and declared that she chooses, chooses and loves herself. Winter’s confidence has been radiating on her social media since she started her weight loss journey and ended the relationship. Many viewers liked to see Winter hugging herself and showing off her beauty, and Jah didn’t drag her down.

The golden moment of winter

Winter posed for photos taken by her brother Rivernight Everett in April. Younger sister Chantelle Jimeno showed off her new body in a gold dress and platform sandals. Winter looked confident and radiant, making it clear that she didn’t need a man to make her happy. Many fans of Winter like to watch her experiments with bright and colorful styles.

Winter embraces itself

Winter made it clear that she was living her best life after breaking up with Ja. The beauty from Atlanta shared a series of photos in a bikini during June, when the show of the 4th season of the series “Family Chantelle” began. Now that Winter is single and has a new slimmed-down figure, she has become more confident. Many fans of The Family Chantel think that Ja has lost a lot of time due to the breakup, as Winter seems to be the last prey with her warm, loving and little dramatic personality and beauty.


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