Family Chantelle: Pedro Jimeno’s working photo fuels rumors of infidelity


A new photo of the popular star of The Family Chantel Pedro Jimeno with a colleague makes fans think that he probably cheated on Chantel Jimeno. The couple was first shown in season 4 of The 90-day Groom, and closer to the finale they got married. However, Pedro and Chantelle’s relationship deteriorated over time, and now they have filed for divorce. While the young duo had a long relationship and overcame a lot of personal issues, most fans have seen them struggle to make it work between the last two seasons of The Family Chantel.

The most shocking part was Pedro’s sudden lack of interest in his relationship, as he focused more on his real estate career than on his marriage to Chantelle. On May 27, he officially announced his separation and filed a restraining order against Chantelle. The Georgia native also imposed a restraining order on her husband and even accused him of domestic violence and infidelity. At the same time, Pedro accused his wife Chantelle of abusing their shared bank account and draining all the money.

Although it is still unclear who is to blame, fans of 90 Day Fiancé have suggested that Pedro probably cheated on his wife. Recently, a photo of a native of the Dominican Republic appeared on the Internet via Reddit user Como_thellamas, in which he becomes too cozy with a colleague in the workplace. In the photo, Pedro in a suit is standing next to two other women, which at first glance seems normal. However, the woman in green keeps her hand on the stomach of the popular reality TV star as they stand unprofessionally close to each other.

Since the star of the series “The Chantelle Family” Pedro and his colleague are depicted as a couple in the picture, fans think that something definitely happened between them. “I always make sure that my chest touches a colleague in my company’s group photos,” Strange_Radish2965 sarcastically wrote on Reddit, referring to the elephant in the room. Another Redditor user, huh_phd, commented: “This is a job, not a graduation,” telling exactly how most people felt when they saw the photo. User michelle1199 wrote: “Grabbing a jacket seems more intimate than touching his chest,” adding that the woman in the picture behaves inappropriately.

This is not the first time that the viewers of “90 Day FiancĂ©” accuse Pedro of sleeping with his colleagues. Some time ago, fans put forward a version that he probably cheated on Chantelle with his colleague Antonella. Fans said that the guilty looks on Pedro and Antonella’s faces and their behavior hinted that something was going on between them. However, in a recently leaked photo, the reality TV star is standing with someone who doesn’t look like Antonella. It’s hard to say if Pedro cheated on his wife. At the moment, most viewers of The Family Chantel are currently on Chantel’s side and believe that she will be much better off without Pedro.


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