Family Chantelle: how Winter’s style has changed after a sharp weight loss


The popular cast of The Family Chantel Winter Everett has greatly changed her style after losing a lot of weight. Winter was first featured in the series as the younger sister of Chantelle Jimeno, but she is no longer just a minor participant. In the last season of The Family Chantel, she impressed fans with her sincere, confident and sweet personality.

As soon as she broke up with her controlling boyfriend Jah, she decided to undergo bariatric surgery. She planned to have weight loss surgery at the Baja Hospital and Medical Center in Tijuana because surgery in Mexico is easier, cheaper and faster. According to Chantelle, during the operation, surgeons removed 75 percent of her sister’s stomach, which led to rapid weight loss.

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Reality TV star Winter started her weight loss journey with 330 pounds, and has now lost more than 50 pounds. It’s been almost two years since her surgery, and now she’s showing off her transformed body on social media. Over the past few months, Winter has surprised fans not only with her new toned body, but also with a new style of clothing.

Winter risks fashion

After a dramatic weight loss, Winter has no plans to be overly cautious when it comes to her outfits. She wears revealing outfits that exude a body positive. She wore a pink floral print bikini during her last trip to the beach, which received a lot of compliments from viewers of The Family Chantel. Fans were mesmerized to see Winter’s flawless and clean body, which she confidently demonstrated.

No more free landings

It seems that the star of the TV series “Family Chantelle” Winter has decided not to wear baggy clothes anymore. A quick glance at her Instagram grid shows that she now loves tight-fitting clothes designed for curvy bodies. Recently, she posted a stunning photo in a jumpsuit, which showed her toned stomach and curvy shape. Many fans were delighted to see Winter’s colorful outfit, and one of them commented: “I always thought you were beautiful Winter, but your new confidence really makes your beauty explode!”

Playing with colors

Having lost more than 50 pounds, a colleague in the movie “The Chantelle Family” Winter does not want to follow fashionable tricks, for example, wearing darker shades to create the illusion of losing weight. She wears bright colors to show off her newly transformed figure. In April, Winter stunned fans by posting a photo in a short mustard yellow dress. Winter did not pay attention to fashion gurus who say that bright colors visually enhance the body. Family Chantel viewers believe that Winter’s fashion evolution is inspiring and she should continue to take risks when it comes to her style.