Family Chantelle: How old are Everett’s siblings; their partners?


Chantelle Jimeno and her family are back to participate in the next season Family Chantelle, and many viewers are wondering how old Chantelle and her family members are. Chantelle has a popular younger sister, Winter Everett, and a brother, rapper Riverkite Everett. In addition, her older brother Royal Everett and his wife, Angenette Wiley, appeared in season 2 of the extra show “The 90-day Groom”. Many fans of The Family Chantel are interested in finding out which of the Everett siblings is the oldest, and how old the stars are in 2022 after showing several seasons of content on TLC.

Chantelle married Pedro Jimeno, a native of the Dominican Republic, in season 4 of the TV series “90 Days of the groom”, despite the negative reaction from her family. The intense drama between the Everett and Jimeno families led to the fact that they played the main roles in the series “Family Chantelle”, which is now in its fourth season. The premiere of the current season took place last week and is dedicated to the marital drama (and possible separation) between Chantelle and Pedro. Meanwhile, Winter will talk about her stomach surgery and her quest to find love after breaking up with her longtime boyfriend Jah. While Royal left the show after the drama of the second season with his wife, Rivernight will continue to showcase his music career as he tries to separate himself from his family and also seeks love.

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Viewers may remember when Pedro and Chantelle first started dating. Now the 4th season of The Family Chantel is dedicated to the fifth year of their marriage. Chantelle is currently 31 years old since she was born on February 2, 1991. She loves to celebrate her birthdays, and last year, when she turned 30, she spent a vacation with friends, and then had a family party. That means she was in her 20s when she was first introduced to TLC. Pedro is a little younger than his wife by eight months. His birthday is October 3, 1991, which means that he is now 30 years old. Chantelle works as a nurse after graduating from nursing school in the third season of the series “Family Chantelle”. Meanwhile, Pedro recently started working as a real estate agent at Laura Delgado Realty. .

Winter is the younger sister of celebrity Chantelle. Although Winter looks very youthful, she celebrates her birthday in October, and she is believed to be 27 years old. Her ex-partner Jah is a few years older than her and started dating her when she was in her late teens. Winter eventually devoted her teenage years to taking care of her daughter while he hid his son from her until Chantelle found out the truth through a private investigator. The youngest of Everett’s siblings is Rivernight, who is called River on television. Rivernight was born on July 9, 1997, and is currently 24 years old. He dated a model named Megan Montenegro during the third season of The Family Chantel, who was five years older than him. However, he is currently single. Meanwhile, Royal is the older brother, that is, he is about 30 years old. He avoided the spotlight after showing a drama with his wife and family.

Although she is only 31 years old, Chantel told fans of The Family Chantel that she has botox injections in her face to keep her youth. While some viewers accuse Chantelle of plastic surgery or cosmetic fillers, she insists that her appearance is natural. Thus, her altered image between the 90-day fiance and the 4th season of The Family Chantel can be explained by weight loss, makeup and the natural aging process. In any case, Chantelle is considered a great franchise beauty. Unfortunately, her marriage is currently in an unhappy position in season 4 of “Family Chantelle”.