Family Chantelle: Chantelle presents a glamorous image after her divorce from Pedro


Popular The Family Chantel star Chantel Jimeno recently flaunted her stunning makeup on social media after splitting from her husband Pedro Jimeno. The couple first appeared in season 4 of “The 90-day Groom” and seemed quite suitable for each other. However, over time, the relationship between them has changed significantly. In the last few seasons of The Family Chantel, Pedro has focused more on his real estate career than on his American wife. A native of the Dominican Republic even called Chantelle lazy, despite all the work she has invested in the family.

The latest season of The Family Chantel shows the couple heading for a messy divorce. According to recent reports and court documents, Pedro filed for divorce in May 2022, and since then the popular duo have not seen eye to eye. Pedro and Chantelle have restraining orders against each other, which means they are already far beyond the point of reconciliation. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé have several theories about what could have happened between the couple, but most of them are heartbroken because husband and wife once had an indissoluble bond.

Amid the drama of the divorce, Chantelle presented her new glamorous image on social networks. She posted a video about herself on Instagram and noted the Miss Circle clothing brand. In the video, the popular reality TV star wanders down the street, posing in a bright purple dress. The TikTok clip shows Chantelle hugging her prop on the catwalk while twirling in her shiny white high-heeled shoes. The 31-year-old’s shiny bracelet, earrings and combed-back hairstyle complemented her glamorous long dress. Best of all, however, was her smile, which hinted that she was coping well with her divorce.

Despite the fact that the 90-Day Fiancé graduate turned off her comments and banned subscribers from publishing their opinions, most of them sympathize with her. Fans on social networks believe that Pedro will regret his decision to divorce his beautiful and hardworking wife. People understand that a 30-year-old real estate agent probably wants to enjoy solitude, but also believe that this will not help him heal his past wounds. Chantelle in the past sincerely loved her husband and tried to save the marriage. Her family also accepted her husband as a member. Consequently, fans believe that Pedro will eventually regret divorcing his wife when she leaves him and breaks all ties.

After seeing the heartbroken Chantelle in season 4 of “The Chantelle Family”, viewers are happy to see her new makeup on Instagram. She may have been inconsiderate and wayward in the series, but her breakup with Pedro shows that she loved him very much. Fans now want Chantelle to be able to go through the divorce process without letting it affect her in the worst case. Fortunately, her smile on the video gives fans hope that she is ready for anything. The Family Chantel star does not allow a failed marriage to negatively affect her career on social networks.


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