Family Chantelle: all about the recent Winter weight loss news


Winter Everett caught the attention of The Family Chantel fans with her weight loss journey, and the 27-year-old shared her progress every step of the way. Over the past year and a half, Winter has told fans a lot of details about her weight loss journey and healthy transformation. Winter’s segments on The Family Chantel, combined with her Instagram posts, provided viewers with a number of recent updates on her weight loss journey.

Winter decided to make a gastric sleeve after breaking up with her ex-fiance Ja. Winter’s long-term relationship put her in a bad position, and Jha was known to disapprove of her surgery. However, Winter has struggled with her weight and her relationship with food throughout her life. She even told The Family Chantel about how she was bullied as a child and condemned for what she ate, regardless of whether she chose something healthy or not. Fortunately, Winter’s once terrible relationship with food has since improved, and she now leads a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Winter shared in season 4 of “Family Chantelle” that she weighed over 300 pounds when she had a gastric sleeve done, and quickly lost 100 pounds in the first few months. However, her goal was to lose another 90 pounds. While initially it seemed that the weight was going away quickly, Winter has since slowly but surely lost the remaining few. However, Winter posted a lot of images and videos on her Instagram that prove that she is still working hard on her weight loss. Despite the fact that Winter has not yet announced that she has reached her target weight, it is clear that the weight loss is visible in her dramatically slimmed-down figure.

Winter’s weight loss was caused by her bariatric surgery, which she underwent in Mexico. However, Winter’s hard work and dedication are the main reasons why kilograms continue to be lost. Winter works with a nutritionist to eat healthy and improve her relationship with food. She also goes to the gym every day to build muscle mass. Winter even likes to chronicle his workouts with his subscribers, as well as shoot funny dance videos. Constant movement has helped the star of The Family Chantel lose weight, and now she is engaged with her older sister Chantel Jimeno. However, it was the combination of diet and exercise that changed Winter’s life.

Many stars of the 90-day Groom franchise have seen their personalities change for the better or for the worse as they lose weight. Winter accepted her weight loss and kept her sweet personality. However, she also showed a newfound confidence. Winter is currently exploring her many romantic options on The Family Chantel as she gives a chance on a date since she broke up with Jah. Many viewers are thrilled to see how Winter accepts herself and lives her best life.