False Identidad 2 met Camila Sodi with the people she love


Camila Sodi surprised at the beginning of 2020 in the mini-series of “Rubí” and now she returns to the screens with the second season of “Falsa Identidad”.

“Very happy because second seasons are always a pleasure to do because they are people you love very much, with whom you have already worked. This is a project that the public liked very much and for me it is a pleasure to return ”, the actress told us about her return.

“It is a season where there is a lot of action, where there is a lot of suspense and where the Chabela, especially, the situation becomes very dark,” said the star.

Returning to a sequel, he found Sodi with Luis Ernesto “El Güero” Franco, with whom he has a friendship outside of the series’ recordings.

“Being a second season, you have a lot of familiarity with people and in the case of El Güero and I, we have incredible chemistry. We love each other a lot personally, we are friends, and it is always a joy to work with people you love, “she said about her co-star.

Sodi has been known for playing strong women and she confessed to us what she is looking for to accept a project.

“The project, the script, the story and the woman I play”, is what Sodi sees before accepting a project. “It’s not that I’m looking for a specific woman. I want the woman who touches me to be a real woman ”.


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