Fallout: Walton Goggins Will Star In the Amazon Prime Video Series


Fallout: The creators of Westworld collaborate with Todd Howard on the series based on the popular video game franchise. We already know the protagonist. The Fallout series produced by Amazon Studios and Kilter Films will begin production sometime in 2022, and although it does not have an estimated release date, it continues to add assets to the cause. On this occasion, its protagonist has been revealed: Walton Goggins, the American actor whom we have seen so many times in movies and series such as Tomb Raider, The Bourne Affair, CSI: Miami, Sons of Anarchy or The House of the 1,000 Corpses, among others.

Fallout: everything we know about the series

As soon as we learned that Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy (Westworld) are at the forefront of the project, the Fallout series on Amazon Prime Video has become one of the most anticipated among the faithful community of the Bethesda video game franchise. How could it be otherwise, Todd Howard is involved in the development, who has already assured that he and other members of the company had been “a decade looking for various ways to transfer Fallout to the small or big screen.” He also assured that after contacting the producers, he was clear that Kilter Films has “the right people to do it”.

Although practically no details about the script are known, on the official Bethesda website reference is made at all times to the characteristics of the saga: “the contrast between the harshness of the Yermo and the utopian idea of ​​a world shaped by atomic energy that the previous generation had formed. The saga is characterized by a serious and hard tone, but punctuated by moments of ironic humor and nuclear fantasies of series B”. Everything points to the fact that the series will bet on maintaining fidelity with the saga.

Fallout, the series that we will see on Amazon Prime Video from the creators of Westworld, will begin production sometime in 2022. At the moment, there is no information about a possible release date.