Fallout: The Frontier, New Vegas’s new fan campaign


Fallout: The Frontier, a new experience created by fans based on New Vegas, will arrive on January 15, 2021. Three story lines await us.

Fallout: The Frontier will arrive on Steam on January 15, 2021. This has been confirmed by the team of modders themselves through their official YouTube account. In the new trailer we can take a look at another of the novelties of the campaign, such as the inclusion of a fully drivable Mad Max-style vehicle.

For those who do not know what it is about, The Frontier is a new experience created by fans based on Fallout: New Vegas, delivery of the most loved by the community. It will have 3 main lines of missions, each with an approximate duration of more than 15 hours. The modders explain that the New California Republic quest chain will take us through “an action adventure with video scenes,” while the Northern Legion will focus “on dialogue that will expand the vision of the faction.” Finally, the Crusaders of Steel (we do not know if they refer to the Brotherhood of Steel), will mix both tones.

The Frontier is an unreleased map created by them, which houses snow effects not available in the base game. As we said at the beginning, driving vehicles is a mechanic that will debut in the game thanks to The Frontier. The enemies will also have their own motorized army.

Initially expected for this December, in the description of the trailer they explain that they have decided to delay it for a month due to “health problems and the desire to avoid crunch.” “These extra weeks are what we need to get back into the game,” they narrate.

Once version 1.0 is released, the download will be available at no additional cost on your own Steam profile. Remember that you need to have a copy of Fallout: New Vegas in your library to be able to enjoy this mod. You will find all the information in this link.


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