Fallout: New Vegas mod released after development


We always see new mods being released for new games or that have a large base of active players, but every once in a while something totally falls outside the curve. This is certainly the case for The Frontier, a special and giant Fallout: New Vegas mod that has been developed for years and finally launched this week.

Practically an expansion of the original game, this mod adds a new zone to the map, an unprecedented plot and a snow-covered scenario located in the city of Portland, in the United States. Other than that, you follow a war between three factions that you may meet in the game.

As you would expect from a Fallout game, you will be able to find many real locations and landmarks in the fictional Portland. The rest of the content also fits the game very well, being as close to something official as a mod can get.

Even though it was in development for a long time, it was distributed completely free of charge. You can find The Frontier on Steam or on NexusMods, which is a specialized site for this type of content.

If you’re curious, you can find out even more details about the mod, what it offers, how it was made and how you can install it directly on its official website. It’s a great opportunity to revisit what is considered one of the best games in the franchise and take a look at such an impressive mod!


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