Fallout: Corona Virus Mod For New Vegas Released


Corona virus has also become a subject for games with a mod developed for Fallout: New Vegas. By drinking bat soup in Immersive Coronavirus mode, you get the virus and fight for survival.

The Corona virus spread to the game world after it affected many countries. A mod developer named JotunYmir released a mod called Immersive Coronavirus that carried the outbreak to Fallout: New Vegas.

Immersive Coronavirus mod adds Bat Soup to the game and you become infected by eating it. After getting the virus, players are struggling to survive. This mod is the first corona virus mod made for a PC game, but probably not the last one.

Corona virus mod could have been more suitable for Resident Evil 2 Remake. With the epidemic theme in the game, he could prepare a realistic ground for zombies and creatures. Many mods have been made for RE2 Remake to date. Maybe the virus may come to Raccoon City soon.

The developer states that Fallout: New Vegas’s Dead Money Gun Runners’ Arsenal, Honest Hearts, Lonesome Road and Old World Blues DLC are required to play corona virus mod. Fallout: You can download the Immersive Coronavirus mod for New Vegas here.

While the number of deaths has exceeded 7 thousand worldwide due to the Corona virus epidemic, the number of diagnosed cases has reached 180 thousand. Corona virus vaccine was administered to humans for the first time yesterday, and if positive results are obtained, the vaccine is expected to be ready for delivery in about 1 year.


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