Fallout 76: Free Steel Aurora DLC arrives in December


Bethesda announced this Wednesday, the 11th, the first chapter of the missions of the Brotherhood of Steel, free expansion of Fallout 76. The Aurora of Steel will be the beginning of a series of events and will add new characters, explorable environments and the complete arsenal Brotherhood weapons and armor.

According to the official description of the DLC, Aurora of Steel will be a spiritual expansion of Wastelanders and will take explorers to the lands of the Appalache in order to help Paladina Rahmani, Knight Shin and Scribe Valdez to rebuild society and recover technologies that have been lost after the Bombs Drop Day. Check out the official adventure trailer below.

The expansion will add a series of parallel and major missions for the new NPCs, with exploration and progression to determine their destinations. A new Season Scorecard will begin, generating unprecedented and more powerful rewards, as well as new customization and recruiting options for allies at C.A.M.P.

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