Fallout 76 Dates Its Next Update, Fallout Worlds


Fallout Worlds comes to give players more customization options, both for the camps and to enforce their rules.Despite the initial problems with which the game was released, the current reality of Fallout 76 is very different from that of its original release, back in 2018. Lacking in content, bugs, technically obsolete … The multiplayer set in this charismatic universe disappointed millions of players, but the passage of time and above all, the work of Bethesda Softworks, has made Fallout 76 a very worth considering, which has many updates full of content to which you add the next one, which already has a date: Fallout Worlds.

More customization for the community

The objective of this new update is, mainly, to unleash the imagination of the players, since basically what it does is to eliminate limitations when building the CAMP. For example, it will be possible to build it in hitherto inaccessible places, and It will also leave behind the need for electricity to carry out this process. To put more emphasis on customization, and leaving aside the theme of camp construction, Fallout 76 will offer more freedom to change the PvP rules, as well as the difficulty levels.

Thus, when this update arrives, which will be next September 8, Fallout 76 players will find two different modes. Public Worlds will be under the responsibility of Bethesda, and although based on community feedback, it will be the company that designs the different missions and experiences. Meanwhile, in Private Worlds it will be the players who experiment with its rules thanks to the greater breadth of customization options that will come with Fallout Worlds.

Thus, as we say, this new update will arrive only two months after the arrival of the previous one, El Reinado de Acero, launched last July. It was at E3 2021 that Bethesda detailed part of its future plans for Fallout 76, plans that extend through at least 2022.


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