Fallout 5 Is Another Game That Bethesda Confirmed Too Soon


Bethesda is known for several key franchises that have become cornerstones in gaming. This includes The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Due to the popularity of the Bethesda franchises, gamers are always looking forward to the next release from the studio. Unfortunately, the wait is usually long, because the games are huge and it takes quite a lot of time to create them. This is understandable, although the problem is compounded by Bethesda’s tendency to announce its games earlier than necessary, and Fallout 5 is the latest example of this.

Todd Howard and Bethesda in general are clearly delighted with the projects they are working on, and they can’t wait to share all this with the fans. However, too early disclosure of projects can have negative consequences, and the studio should think about making things quieter in the future. While announcements can be exciting when they are made too early, as is the case with Fallout 5, it can be more disappointing to gamers than creating a stir.

The Long Road to Starfield Release

Starfield is nearing release, but it has been in production for a shockingly long time. The idea of Starfield can be traced back to The 10th Planet, a cancelled Bethesda space combat game that was originally supposed to be released in 1997. projects and ideas were still spinning until in 2013 the name “Starfield” was finally registered as a trademark. This alerted gamers that the studio was busy with something, but no details were reported until 2018, when the first teaser of the game was shown at E3. The announcement that the studio is working on a Skyrim-style adventure in space easily caused excitement in the gaming world, but it will be a long time before gamers can take another good look at Starfield.

Since 2018, several more Starfield trailers have been released, some of them showing interesting facts, including VASCO, which is one of the companions that will be available. The most significant trailers at the moment include the presentation of E3 2021, as well as the presentation of the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, which presented the creator of the character, as well as some gameplay that players can expect. In addition, many screenshots were published, as well as a YouTube series called Into the Starfield, which tracks the development of the game.

The early announcement of Starfield was both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, in a way, it helped the game achieve an almost mythical status, as it had years to create an atmosphere of mystique around it, as gamers wondered what took Bethesda so long. The longer gamers wait, the more the expectation grows, and the more gamers begin to imagine what Starfield can do. A lot of theories have already appeared around Starfield, and gamers are wondering whether intelligent alien races will be represented in the game, and if so, whether they will be played for them.

On the other hand, rising expectations can harm the game when they become so big that no real game can match them, no matter how talented the developers are. Early announcements also open the door to disappointment when delays are announced, such as when the release of Starfield was scheduled for November 2022, but was eventually pushed back to 2023.

The Elder Scrolls 6 is out… at last

When it comes to open-world games, few have had the same colossal impact as The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. The game was originally released in 2011, and since then it has been released on almost every platform you can think of, and has managed to sell over 30 million copies, making it one of the best-selling games on the market. Skyrim has lived an incredibly long life, aided by many mods created by fans. However, gamers were wondering when the next installment of the series would appear.

The Elder Scrolls 6 was announced in 2018 at E3. At that time there was nothing to disclose, because the game was still in preparation. According to Howard, about four years later, the game is still in preparation. This suggests that the game is still many, many years away, and gamers will most likely be able to play it only in the mid-2020s, if not later. The early announcement may have satisfied fans by confirming to them that the game is on its way. However, gamers can also get angry when they realize how long they will have to wait.

Fallout 5 is now in the same boat

The last Fallout game released was Fallout 76, released in 2018. Although the launch of Fallout 76 failed, Bethesda gradually improved the game over time, and now it has a lively community and a much better reputation.


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