The Fall in the US Stock Exchange Benefits These Investors


The total number of Kovid-19 cases in the USA has exceeded 27 thousand 100, while the total number of deaths has exceeded 340. While the fear of coronavirus embraced the whole country, stocks in the US began to fall sharply. This decline in the US stock exchanges negatively affected many investors, companies and businesses. However, there were some who made a profit from this decrease in the stock market.

According to the research done by S3 Partners, the short-term investors who have made short sales in the last 1 month have earned a considerable amount of profit. According to the data shared by the company, a profit of 343.67 billion dollars was earned within 1 month from short selling transactions in the US stock exchanges.

The total value of these shares, which investors sold shortly, was February 19, 958 billion dollars. By March 19, coronavirus panic has already surrounded the world, and the total value of these shares fell to $ 656 billion.

S3 Partners General Manager Ihor Dusaniwsky says people are currently selling many shares, and the attitude among investors is “still negative”.

Who Was Most Affected?
It is possible to say that the technology sector was most affected by the short sale transactions in the last 1 month. In addition, the shares of companies working in the field of health were also sold openly.

In addition, short selling in the capital markets has increased significantly ($ 3.2 billion). According to the news of Straits Times, the shares of many companies in the biotechnology sector were also sold short.

Microsoft and Apple were the companies that were most obviously affected by short selling in this process. In this one month period, Microsoft made $ 1.47 billion; An Apple share of $ 1.39 billion was sold explicitly.


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