Fall Guys Will Use Same Anti-Cheat Software as Fortnite


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, one of the most popular games of recent times, takes a new measure against cheaters. In the statement made by the developer studio, it was announced that the anti-cheat software used in Fortnite will be used in the game.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, one of the most popular games of the last period, has reached millions of players in an instant. Developed by Mediatonic, the game has been downloaded 7 million times on Steam as well as being the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time.

Of course, it was not possible for a game that suddenly attracted the attention of millions of players, at least in the PC version, not to be on the radar of cheaters. Evaluating this issue, Mediatonic said in a statement that they plan to use the same anti-cheat software as Fortnite.

Fall Guys will use the same anti-cheat software as Fortnite

Mediatonic apologized for the problem of cheating in a statement made on the Fall Guys Twitter account and stated that they will expand their current detection systems. The developers also announced that they are working on a major update that will be released over the next few weeks and will add the same anti-cheat software to the game as Fortnite.

Epic Games, the developer studio of Fortnite, uses its own Easy Anti-Cheat software in the game. This software; It is used in more than 120 games, including Apex Legends, Gears 5, Dead by Daylight. So it is possible to say that Mediatonic has found the right anti-cheat software it was looking for.

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Mediatonic continues to work in its fight against cheaters. The studio, which has changed the detection criteria, now directly blocks cheaters during the game without the need for players to report. It also prevented cheaters from getting around this obstacle by creating a new family account from Steam. However, despite all this, it has not been able to completely prevent the cheaters in the game. Here you can see one of the cheats used in the game.


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