Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout made appearance


The summer game joins forces with the title of Nomada Studio, a platform with a watercolor style graphic style.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is one of the most recent phenomena in the video game industry, a title developed by Mediatonic that managed to stand out in the summer months almost since its launch. While waiting for its second season to crystallize, the British developer continues to work on new features and options, as well as new skins. Through its official Twitter account, the video game has announced that the main character of GRAY is now available on PS4 and PC thanks to a new look.

The truth is that the stylized figure of the young woman now appears with a very different aesthetic. It has taken the form of the diverse characters of Fall Guys, who as the Mediatonic studio recently revealed, look quite gloomy on the inside. In addition to the colors used, Gris’s skin is recognizable by the haircut. That it moves with the smoothness with which it moves in the title of the Barcelona study is already a different matter. It is clear that this time the objective will be a little different: survive the harsh tests and not be eliminated prematurely.

Yellow humor in video game

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a video game that many have defined as the Yellow Humor of video games, a battle royale with crazy tests in which players fight to discover who it is who manages to overcome all the obstacles to win the games. As is often the case with online games, Mediatonic has had to deal with the presence of cheaters, but has already started taking urgent action.

GRIS, for its part, is an adventure and platform video game, which has a precious graphic style reminiscent of drawing in watercolors. The Nomada Studio production also received some of the most important awards in the field of video games.


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