Fall Guys turns into a sexual game


Fall Guys is a near battle royale game, and now it’s a sex game too

Daily Dot NSFW reporter Ana Valens recently demonstrated the experience on a broadcast. You’re basically plugging a vibrator into whatever machine you’re playing Fall Guys on, and as long as the controller sounds normally, your toy does. It is made with the Intiface Games haptic router, a piece of technology from creator Kyle Machulis that turns games into “environments for intimate interaction.” Generally speaking, anything with “Xbox Gamepad Compatible” can be used, and most VR games created in Unity can work with it as well.

You can check out a clip from Ana’s broadcast below, and as you can imagine, the already fun game has gotten even more laugh-inducing. Technology like this has been around in the gaming industry for years now – the PlayStation 2 had a peripheral not far behind what’s going on here. The simplicity and sheer chaos of Fall Guys lends itself quite easily to this type of foreplay (for lack of a better word).

Until now, only vibrators can be used on the IGHR, but support for other toys will arrive in a future update. Right after Fall Guys was released, someone played it using literal jelly beans. A novelty controller tournament should be held to see which setting is best for performance – our money’s in sex toys.

Fall Guys vibes

Ana mentioned: The controller vibes developed by Mediatonic are surprisingly immersive in their own right, but playing the game with a vibrator really made me appreciate how much work was required to achieve immersion in the game in the little ways that we often take for granted as players.

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She added: It’s easy to really get caught up in all the vibes from little jumps and collision effects when every movement goes straight to your male reproductive system and you can no longer focus on how hard you’re laughing.

You can see a clip of Ana playing with the IGHR here (some NSFW languages):


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