Fall Guys: their great success in seven keys


One of the biggest surprises in recent months is here to stay. Seven steps that define the great acceptance of the game.

Surely most of you remember with great affection any of these tests that made Sunday morning much more enjoyable. Now, finally, you can be part of it. Colors, jumps, absolute chaos and a large number of cakes was what Fall Guys showed and dazzled thousands of people. Such was the level that for many it was the best of the little they showed at the Devolver Direct in 2020.

Today in Meristation we wanted to find out the 7 keys that make Fall Guys a tremendously addictive game as well as fun and what should be improved and added so that its formula lasts. Hold on tight as this begins! Fall Guys, as you know, takes inspiration from great TV shows such as Wipeout or Ninja Warrior. However, the one that has sounded the loudest among the Spanish-speaking community has been Takeshi’s Castle, or better known as Humor Amarillo.

Devolver Digital has made the player virtualize how their experience would have been if they had participated in any of them. They have managed to extract the essence of these programs and turn it into an addictive video game of short games in which you compete and have fun at the same time.

If in addition to inspiration you want to know other keys to success, play the video.

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