Fall Guys: Season 5 gets trailer, new modes and rounds


Fall Guys: Developer Mediatonic has finally revealed what the Fall Guys Season 5 content will be like! Check out the Fall Guys Season 5 announcement trailer, which will air tomorrow, July 20, on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS:

The new video highlights that the season’s theme will revolve around jungle environments and events, with lots of vegetation on all sides and a tropical climate setting the tone for the matches. But the change of scenery isn’t the only attraction at the time!

With Season 5 will also be added a Squads mode (squads), so we will have clashes in doubles and trios for a limited time. As the name of the modes already indicates, the idea is to offer a different experience for predetermined time windows.

Finally, to get out of the sameness, we will also have the addition of six unprecedented rounds: Treetop Tumble, Lost Temple, Stompin’ Ground, Pegwin Pool Party, Bubble Trouble and Lily Leapers.


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