Fall Guys Season 2 Start Date Announced


The new season of Fall Guys, one of the most popular games of 2020, will come soon. The producers of the game announced the season 2 release date.

We are slowly getting ready to put an end to the first season of Fall Guys, which offers a new and friendlier alternative to the Battle Royale genre. It has long been known that the second season of the game will begin this month.

Thanks to Mediatonic’s announcement on Friday, we know when the new season will begin. The new season will start on October 8th. This information was confirmed in the posts made on the official Twitter account of the game.

Mediatonic took the beans out of his mouth

Announcing that the new season will start on October 8, Mediatonic also shared images of some new costumes in its post on the Fall Guys account. Of course, the main inspiration for these costumes was the upcoming Halloween.

In the new season we will see many medieval / horror / fantasy themed costumes with dragons, witches, wizards and more. In addition, the new season will include new episodes and some new theme-compatible features.

While waiting for the new season, players will earn twice as many fame points than usual. In the game, the fame point shows your level in a sense, and the more levels we get, the more costumes we get.

Closing the season with double points


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While revealing dates is always like curse things, it’s Halloween so let’s be damned!

Season 2 starts on Thursday, October 8

Season 1 will end as soon as Season 2 begins, and in the meantime, we will give you DOUBLE fame points.

The new season is expected to bring names, more Crown rewards, more new mechanics for competitive gaming. Until now, the simple structure of the game was also sufficient for the players. It seems that in the next week, players will try to reach level 40 if they haven’t reached it until now. Do you play Fall Guys?


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