Fall Guys Season 2 Satellite Scramble: All new rounds


The second season of Fall Guys, dedicated to space, has officially started, and it contains eight completely new rounds. These rounds are of the “Finals”, “Hunt”, “Race” and “Survival” types, and although players will undoubtedly get to know them during the season, some fans may need a little information about them before starting. This guide is here to provide that information, and players can find details about the new rounds in the second season of Fall Guys below.

Fall Guys Season 2: New Maps
Tiptoe Final (final)

In Tip Toe Finale, up to four squads must cross bridges to reach the platform where the crown is located. The problem is that some of the tiles that make up these bridges will disappear if you step on them, and Fall Guys fans have to use cannons to determine which ones are safe.

Star Map (race)

Starchart sees players trying to use hidden paths to get to the finish line. Fans can determine the position of these paths by pressing buttons on the octagonal platforms of the stage and checking the map for its target, although they must be careful to avoid asteroids that knock them off their feet.

Pixel Artists (race)

At the beginning of the Pixel Painters game, each squad is placed in an enclosed space in which there is a grid of 7×7 floor tiles and a corresponding screen. The goal here is to step on the tiles to recreate the pattern displayed on the screen, and indeed teamwork is very important.

Space Highway (race)

A fairly standard round of racing in Fall Guys, Cosmic Highway challenges players to navigate moving platforms and avoid obstacles while trying to get to the finish line.

Heroes of Hyperdrive (Survival)

This survival round will surely remind players of Hoverboard Heroes, which debuted in March 2021. Indeed, fans will again try to stay on the moving hoverboard while various obstacles try to hinder their efforts.

Hex-A-Terrestrial (final)

Players have the opportunity to take home the crown by outlasting their opponents in Hex-A-Terrestrial, the final round of Fall Guys, similar to Hex-A-Gone and Hex-A-Ring. The big difference here is that the hexagons that players step on will materialize again after a short time, although the total number of available hexagons will decrease at the same time.

Space Race (Race)

Another simple race, Space Race, will test the ability of players to overcome obstacles and overcome obstacles.

Mad Factory (Hunting)

Frantic Factory is described as a “free 1-on-1 relative of Button Basher”. This means that Fall Guys fans will try to track down and press the golden buttons scattered around the map, while their opponents will try to get ahead of them.

Fall Guys is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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