Fall Guys season 2: official date, new nicknames


Mediatonic shows the new customization items in the game, confirms the date of the second season and announces a week of double experience.

It’s official now. Through their social networks, the Mediatonic team has confirmed when the second season of Fall Guys will begin. It will be next Thursday, October 8, when the famous party game will jump into the Middle Ages and will be invaded by new tests, costumes and rewards of a fantastic nature. Dragons, magicians, paladins and many more surprises await us, as does the promise that in this second season it will be easier to get prizes and we will get 600% more crowns. In addition, to celebrate the last days of this first season, all games will offer double experience points during the remaining week, being a perfect opportunity to reach level 40 and get their respective gold trophy and all the rewards of level.

New customization options

As if that were not enough, today we have also learned about the new customization options that will come with this second season. In addition to the clothing of our character and their different poses in case of victory, as of October 8 we will have an unpublished section called “interface”. In it we can choose the banner that will now come next to our name (there are those with the pride flag, with pieces of pizza, crowns, watermelons …) and also a nickname, a nickname with which our adversaries tremble (like rookie , trying their best, free hugs …). Both items will also be part of the rewards and unlockables for Season 2, which aims to shake up and drive the Fall Guys universe even more crazy.

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Although in recent weeks its popularity has given way to other viral phenomena such as Among Us, Fall Guys was confirmed a few weeks ago as the most successful PC launch since Overwatch (2016). Almost nothing. We will see to what extent this medieval season makes him regain followers and continue to grow.


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